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  1. Tech45 special to be made at TEDxUHasselt

    Can’t get enough of the extra features we are announcing? Here’s another one: Tech45 will be interviewing speakers at TEDxUHasselt for a special episode of their podcast. Tech45 is a podcast of dutch-speaking technology enthusiasts that is recorded every week. Topics are...

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  2. Newsflash: on-stage visualisations and registration info

    With TEDxUHasselt approaching fast, the team is working hard to make TEDxUHasselt as awesome as possible.With the speakers and all the basics arranged, we are currently working on some exciting extra’s. Firstly there’s the 360 degrees live streaming, a feature discussed in a...

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  3. It’s been a hard days night

    This week has been one of hard work for the TEDxUHasselt team. With the new academic year approaching fast, the team dedicated its time to prepare as much as possible. Thus in the last week a lot of progress has been made.Roll-up banners have been designed and printed and are ready to be...

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  4. TEDxUHasselt introduces 360° live stream

    TEDxUHasselt unveiled a technical first for TEDx events yesterday on the Tech45 podcast. For the first time ever, people will be able to watch a livestream of a TEDx event in 360 degrees, comparable to a Quicktime VR image but with live video!This technology will be offered to us by the...

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  5. Speakers and Tickets application

    On the evening of November 7th the first edition of TEDxUHasselt will take place. Six speakers from different domains of expertise will share their vision on how technology is changing the world:Jan Borchers (University Aachen)Clo Willaerts (Social media expert)Ann-Pascale Bijnens (...

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