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  1. First five talks

    It took quite a while, but we have finally been able to release the first five videos of TEDxUHasselt 2012. Check them out!We’ve also created a photo album with some of the best pictures taken at TEDxUHasselt this year.Right after TEDxUHasselt 2012, we’ve sent...

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  2. Announcing the first TEDxUHasselt Salon and TED 2012 Simulcast

    With the next edition of TEDxUHasselt still miles away, the team has been hard at work organising two other events. As we strive to build a community around TEDxUHasselt, we want it to be something which persists throughout the whole year. That’s why we are announcing our next two...

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  3. Got a ticket? Can’t attend? Read this!

    After distributing tickets to those eligable to attend TEDxUHasselt we have received a few e-mails asking us if tickets could be handed over to friends. We can’t allow that, TEDxUHasselt attendees have gone through a strict registration and selection process (as can be read in the...

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  4. Barcamp Hasselt presentation

    Just like TEDx events, Barcamps are events filled with short talks about all kinds of topics. However, unlike TEDx events, the talks are given by the attendees (often simultaneous in different rooms) and are usually prepared very shortly before the event. Quite different, but pretty...

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  5. Another extra feature: our Technology showcase!

    At the heart of any TEDx event are the talks of the speakers. But at TEDxUHasselt we’re taking it a step further with several extra’s. After the earlier announced on-stage visualizations and 360 degrees streaming, this post is about our technology showcase. During the breaks...

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