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  1. TEDxUHasselt 2014 - Unexpected Connections

    Let the horns blare and drums ruffle up, because this is the news you were all waiting for! Mark your calendars for the 29th of March! This will be the date of our next big conference: “Unexpected Connections”!After three years of existence, the organizers of TEDxUHasselt...

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  2. TEDxUHasselt Pitch Night

    At TEDxUHasselt we strongly follow the ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ ideology of TED. We believe that the most powerful ideas come from everyday people, like all of you TEDxUHasselt followers.Therefore, we organise a pitch night on which everyone can come and convince us that he or...

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  3. TEDxUHasseltSalon - Communication Creates Change

    Hasselt University was founded in 1973. All TEDxUHasselt team-members agree that we can’t ignore this 40th anniversary. The presence of Mr. Cooper, who invented the cell phone (also!) 40 years ago will receive an honorary doctorate, this further enhances the reason for a...

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  4. Preparing speakers for their best talk ever

    When TEDxUHasselt invites speakers, we ask them to create the best talk they have ever given. We set the bar high with good reason: not only do 500 people attend the conference, thousands more watch the talks on YouTube. Of our 2012 conference, the 15 talks combined were watched almost...

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  5. All talks online

    Videos of all TEDxUHasselt 2012 talks are now online! Which one is your favorite?Watch the videos

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