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  1. TEDxUHasselt 2016: The After-Movie

    The TEDxUHasselt team would like thank you all for making the event this year a truly amazing one! We are really satisfied with the outcome, and it was totally worth all the efforts that went behind making this day happen. We look forward to seeing everyone again at the next edition. In...

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  2. Announcing TEDxUHasselt 2016: Challenge Accepted

    We are proud to announce to you the official TEDxUHasselt event on 26th of March, 2016. After a one year hiatus, our event will once again bring to you inspiring talks, give you a chance to reflect critically, and provide you with opportunities to interact with members of the TEDx...

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  3. TEDxUHasseltLive 2015: Do you dare to face the truth?

    We are proud to bring you the live simulcast of TED 2015, held in Vancouver, Canada.On March 18th, starting 5:30 PM, we will be streaming exciting and inspiring talks from the session titled 'Life Stories', covering themes like ethnical diversity, bringing more women into science...

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  4. TEDxUHasseltSalons May and June 2014

    During the next few weeks, you will be busy with the upcoming exams. Luckily, TEDxUHasselt gives you the opportunity to relax during lunch!We will do this by organizing two TEDxUHasselt Salons, where you can watch inspiring TED-videos while eating lunch. The events will both take place...

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  5. Meet our first speakers and apply for a free ticket!

    We are proud to announce the speaker line-up for TEDxUHasselt 2014. We hope you are as excited about them as we are!Rachel Cook will combine the raising of funds with mobile gaming and Jeanne Devos will talk about her life and achievements in India, our speaker line-up can definitely be...

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