Tech45 special to be made at TEDxUHasselt

Can’t get enough of the extra features we are announcing? Here’s another one: Tech45 will be interviewing speakers at TEDxUHasselt for a special episode of their podcast. Tech45 is a podcast of dutch-speaking technology enthusiasts that is recorded every week. Topics are mostly based on the news in the world of tech but they also feature interesting guests from time to time.

We at TEDxUHasselt are quite fond of the Tech45 podcast. As you may know, we announced one of our first extra features on their podcast: the 360 degrees livestream. It left the Tech45 panel baffled. We decided that a partnership with the podcasters would be beneficial to both TEDxUHasselt and Tech45. By having a special episode dedicated to TEDxUHasselt, the ideas of our speakers can reach an even broader audience. Meanwhile, Tech45 will be introduced to people like you, and their audience can grow.

During the break and reception, the speakers will visit the guys of Tech45 for a short interview in which they can explain their ideas further and in more detail. So, if you like the ideas and want to know just a little more, the podcast will be a great place to start. It’ll be released in about two weeks time after the event.

Pretty great, huh!