Newsflash: on-stage visualisations and registration info

With TEDxUHasselt approaching fast, the team is working hard to make TEDxUHasselt as awesome as possible.

With the speakers and all the basics arranged, we are currently working on some exciting extra’s. Firstly there’s the 360 degrees live streaming, a feature discussed in a previous blogpost. We really wanted to offer those who are unable to attend an alternative that’s as immersive as possible. The stream will be embedded on a specially made live page complete with a stream of tweets and the schedule of the event.

The second extra is visual thinker Harry van der Velde. He will visualize the talks live on stage. The point of these drawings is to help people better understand the idea of the talk and to further spread the idea. We’re still working on ways to let the drawings reach a large audience at Hasselt University, though we can’t announce anything on this yet. In the meantime, check out Harry van der Velde’s website for some examples of his work.

Stay tuned for more extras to be announced soon!

In other news:

Last week saw the closing of our registration form, after more than 200 people applied for a ticket. Knowing our TED license only allows us to admit 100, we decided to get the team together for some serious selection work. It is our ambition to have a mixed audience consisting of students and high profile professionals or academics. The selection has been made and we’re working on sending out the confirmations and – unfortunately – the refusals. We hope you understand that these were hard choices to make and are not at all personal. If you get a refusal, don’t hesitate to check our website for the live stream of the event, even though you won’t be able to attend, watching the talks in 360 degrees is a pretty great experience too.